Travelling with the Goldie


So cute isn’t she? Not when on a flight in a car or stuck in a lift!  Not when she is crying, actually well sometimes cute crying too, she kind of wobbles her lip and chin. But that cuteness I guess only a mother enjoys and definitely not cute for the lady in the seat behind who is tutting so loud I wonder if she was constructed out of clay and never was a baby herself. But the seat belt sign is on so you can’t move and comforting her is not happening. The air con on the plane isn’t working the nappy is full and the pilot is announcing a delay. You can’t even run away screaming.

No hacks or tips here just sharing that shit gets hard. You book a holiday to take a break only to find it gets even harder.  I feel like I have been a mum for ever. And as much as my partner tries to help sometimes in these moments I feel like the only real help would be a duplicate me.

Havent they invented that yet

But For Goldie it’s all good she loves travelling. While we are all squished and squashed she lies back and passes out  for her it’s first class all the way 

But there are moments in every holiday that make it all worth it  I have shared here some from my album… yes like my grandmother I keep albums.

The holiday itself was amazing the Soneva Kiri provides unforgettable memories. For just a few short days and nights the kids and I got to live and play in a dream. Jungle and beach, sweet factory and night sky observatory every day was an adventure. The kids even had a water slide from their bedroom into the pool. Every morning they would wake up and take the plunge before breakfast. The balance was just right and at night as the kids settled listening to the sounds of the waves and geckos. I got to have a delicious dinner and a deserving glass of wine. The kids club service was exceptional and when you travel with a baby if the baby isn’t happy you aren’t happy. And so for my next holiday I am reminding myself….. “The only review worth reading is the one about the hotel’s kid club service!” And for these guys I am giving them 5 *. I just wish they came with me on the plane back home.